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About Us

Origineer Design, LLC was formed by Linda DeBusk, and Damon DeBusk, a working musician and previously a process engineer,  project manager, and quality manager in the semiconductor, chemical and medical device industries with 12 US Patents and numerous technical publications.


Founded in 2015, Origineer Design provides original and creative solutions. They design and manufacture these products in their home-based business in Center Valley, Pennsylvania that they offer through various sales channels, such as Reverb, Ebay and online store.


The initial product, Musik Tent Instrument Humidors, came about after learning the hard way of the importance of maintaining string instruments at the proper moisture level. When they moved to the northeast from humid Florida, they struggled to keep guitars tuned - especially in the winter months when the home heat was constantly running, and the inside relative humidity might drop below 15%. It became frustrating to invest thousands of dollars in guitars that stopped playing properly and became increasingly difficult to keep tuned.


They observed a musician placing an elongated tube-shaped humidifying device into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. It was essentially a sponge inside perforated surgical tubing that emitted water vapor inside the guitar when kept in its case. They began adding these devices into their guitars. This approach worked well but storing instruments inside cases was unappealing since they always considered musical instruments a form of art to be seen and quickly accessible during moments of inspiration or boredom. Hiding instruments away in cases – possibly under a bed somewhere seemed to make them less likely to be played. They eventually learned that the sponges dried out within two weeks, which meant they needed to constantly recharge the sponges.


So, they designed and patented a moisture delivery method using capillary action that slowly draws moisture from a reservoir into a looped filament where water vapor is emitted into the surrounding area. The amount of water vapor is easily and quickly adjustable by increasing or decreasing the amount of exposed filament. Through experimentation they have been able to achieve up to 6 months between fills when placed inside a clear plastic enclosure allowing, the instrument to hang inside and still be visible.


A natural extension of the design resulted in HumiForm Cigar Humidifiers that may also last up to 6 months on a single fill.

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