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Available at Famous Smoke Shop Retail Store in Easton, PA

HumiForm™ Cigar Humidifiers & Infusers
Made in USA

Why do you need HumiForm? Goo-filled pouches may offer a simple way to humidify cigars, but they are an expensive option over time and do not provide the even draw achieved using water vapor. HumiForm is the purest and most cost-effective solution AND lasts up to 6 months between refills.​

HumiForm Cigar Humidifier
HumiForm Cigar Humidifier Type


  • Simple, Simple, Simple

  • All Natural - Chemical Free

  • Maintains Uniform Moisture Inside Your Humidor in the 70% Relative Humidity Range

  • Easy-Fill Reusable Reservoir

  • Available in Three Sizes with Height Adjustable to Fit Most 50 and 100 stick Humidors

  • Low Maintenance - Estimated Refill Frequency for Standard Size Reservoirs is 6 to 12+ Months, or 3 to 6 Months for Mini's

  • Low Cost of Ownership Over Time

  • Seasons Humidors in about 5 days    

  • Infuse Cigars with your Favorite Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey or Other

  • Humidity Level is Quickly and Easily Adjustable

  • Eliminates Constant Recharging and Expense of Traditional Humidifiers.

Is the Chemical Goo Inside Pouches Really the Best Way to Humidify Cigars?

Lower Cost of Ownership Compared to Pouches

HumiForm COA Comparison

Adjustable in Seconds Between a Little or a Lot of Humidity

HumiForm Filament Adjustments
HumiForm Filament Adjustment
HumiForm Filament Adjustment


"Had mine for a long time and love it. .. about a year or year and a half and have only needed to fill 3 or maybe 4 times. Keeps the humidity perfect for my sticks. Thank you. Great product."    - Steve L.

"I need to buy another HumiForm for the shore ... I opened the one I have in our house after 7 months and it was still perfect! Great product!  - Steve R."

 "Amazing product. Makes having a great humidor at home easy for anyone. I love it."     ​- Brian C.

"Awesome product!  I have the HumiForm in each of my humidors (house & cabin).  The Humidor that is in my cabin has been on the same fill for over a year & has maintained 68-70%. Just got one for the house last week with the copper..  Throwing out the beads!"     - Dave K.

"My grandson’s cigars are all quite “happy.” My grandson is really impressed as am I. Love your product, and the service."   ​- Chuck C.

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