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HumiForm™ Cigar Humidifier
Spend Your Money on Cigars - Not Expensive Pouches

​HumiForm is a novel and patented method for humidifying cigars. Each unit includes a reservoir, filament, and copper stanchion and tee to position the looped filament ends above cigars. The looped ends of the filament, which resemble a bolo tie, draw water from the reservoir and emit water vapor into the surrounding humidor in the 70% relative humidity range. The moisture level is controlled by the amount of exposed filament, and takes seconds to adjust. Refill a few times per year. 



  • All Natural - Chemical Free

  • Maintains Uniform Moisture Inside Your Humidor in the 70% Relative Humidity Range

  • Easy-Fill Reusable Reservoir

  • Stanchion and Tee are Made of Copper, a Natural Mold Inhibitor

  • Available in Three Sizes with Height Adjustable to Fit Most Humidors

  • Low Maintenance - Estimated Refill Frequency for Standard Size Reservoirs is 6 to 12+ Months, or 3 to 6 Months for Mini's

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership Compared to Pouches

  • Seasons Humidors in about 3 to 5 days    

  • Infuse Cigars with your Favorite Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey or Other

  • Humidity Level is Quickly and Easily Adjustable, Eliminating Constant Recharging and Expense of Traditional Humidifiers.

Designed and Assembled in USA 

Adjustable between a little or a lot of humidity in seconds



"Had mine for a long time and love it. .. about a year or year and a half and have only needed to fill 3 or maybe 4 times. Keeps the humidity perfect for my sticks. Thank you. Great product."    - Steve L.

"I need to buy another HumiForm for the shore ... I opened the one I have in our house after 7 months and it was still perfect! Great product!  - Steve R."

 "Amazing product. Makes having a great humidor at home easy for anyone. I love it."     ​- Brian C.

"Awesome product!  I have the HumiForm in each of my humidors (house & cabin).  The Humidor that is in my cabin has been on the same fill for over a year & has maintained 68-70%. Just got one for the house last week with the copper..  Throwing out the beads!"     - Dave K.

"My grandson’s cigars are all quite “happy.” My grandson is really impressed as am I. Love your product, and the service."   ​- Chuck C.