Musik Tent™ Instrument Humidors

The Affordable Humidity Cabinet

No Sponges, Expensive Pouches or Power Required - No Musty Smells 

Refill Once or Twice a Year​

Over 500 Sold Worldwide


Musik Tent Instrument Humidors are the most cost-effective way to humidify string instruments and cases at the correct humidity while keeping them displayed and quickly accessible. Musik Tent is a patented product that includes a clear enclosure, filament and reservoir. The looped ends of the filament draw water from the reservoir and emit water vapor inside the enclosure in the 45% to 55% relative humidity range - even if the humidity in the surrounding room is much lower. The moisture level is controlled by the amount of exposed filament, and takes only seconds to adjust. 

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  • Simple, Simple, Simple

  • Maintains String Instruments at Uniform Humidity​​ in the 50% RH Range

  • Humidifies Entire Instrument

  • Moisture Source Never Touches Instrument

  • Eliminates need to Store Instruments inside Cases

  • Stores, Displays & Humidifies Full Size Guitars and Cases, as well as Other String Instruments

  • ​Instruments are Quickly & Easily Accessible

  • Capos, Tuners & Straps May Remain on Instruments

  • Eliminates Smell & Hassle of Maintaining Room Humidifiers

  • May be Placed inside Closet for those Preferring their instruments not be Displayed, using Floor Space, or Exposed to Visitors, Pets, Kids or Sunlight. May also be Mounted to Wall where it may be Lowered for use with Traditional Stand or as a Case Humidifier. 

Designed and Assembled in USA 



"I want to say how very happy I have been with the Jumbo Musik Tent. I live in the mountains above Los Angeles at the 6,300 foot level and the humidity here is rarely above 20% and is often in the 12 to 15 percent range. My guitars would certainly suffer significant damage if left out in this very dry air. The Musik Tent humidifying system has worked flawlessly from the beginning, maintaining the humidity level in the 45% range.  Thank you for such a great product!"     -Michael L. 


"These are great inventions and have made a huge difference! My guitar necks don't warp anymore. Oh, by the way, with the addition of these latest three I will now have seven of them!"     -Andrew B.

"My ukuleles and My grandson’s cigars are all quite “happy.” My grandson is really impressed as am I. Love your product, and the service."   ​- Chuck C.

The Guitar Answer Guy Post:
"Because space is an issue in my music room, I use a Musik Tent inside my closet to protect my expensive acoustics. Here in the dry Arizona desert, humidity inside my house can drop to a wood-splitting 10% – 20%, but inside my Musik Tent it’s always a perfect 50%. The Musik Tent includes a hygrometer so you can easily monitor the humidity inside. When you’re ready to play, simply unzip the tent and pull your guitar out. It’s almost as easy as pulling it off of a guitar stand or wall hanger.  ​At the time of this writing, I’ve had my Musik Tent for 5 months and have not had to refill the water reservoir yet. The system is VERY low maintenance..."

 "I love it. It works great! ... I recommend this product to everyone who has a guitar."  - Vin D.

 "music tent is working fine I think it's a great idea, such a simple design"   - Frank H.

"Nice product in my opinion. The manufacturer is very helpful and responsive. It costs about as much as two soundhole humidifiers (which do very little) and a hygrometer, and works much much much better. A simple but well organized solution for an important need. Thanks!"     - Gilbert L.