The GUITAR PILLOW can be attached with the included custom Hook & Loop strap to any part of your guitars neck. Most common is to install it on the headstock where the strap can go over or under the strings without interfering with your ability to tune the instrument. When installed in this most common position it allows for the guitar to be leaned against a vertical surface. However there are other options:

* Install the GUITAR PILLOW at the nut which allows the guitar to be leaned against a table or desk.
* Keep one in your gig bag in case you need to change strings on the fly
* Some Guitars are more stable when the GUITAR PILLOW is installed on the front of your headstock
* Install the PILLOW directly on a wall or vertical surface (LOCTITE works great) if you lean your guitar in the same place all the time
* Just install the GUITAR PILLOW each time you are done playing anywhere on the neck which lines up with whatever it is you want to lean it against

Guitar Pillow