2-Guitar and Mandolin & Ukulele Musik Tents offer a wire framed enclosure, making them attractive for displaying instruments. 


Jumbo Musik Tents offer a frameless enclosure, and is not quite as attractive for displaying instruments, but works every bit as well as the 2-guitar version - and holds up to 4 full size guitars.

Please see review at https://guitarlessons365.com/musik-tent-instrument-humidor-review/



​15" w x 20" d x 54" h - 2-Guitar

24" w x 22" d x 56" h - Jumbo

15" w x 20" d x 42" h - Mandolin & Ukulele



  • Enclosure
  • Reservoir
  • Hygrometer
  • 2 Filaments
  • ​Instrument Leather Hangers: in tan, brown or black (depending on availability), including S-hooks.


May be mounted to wall and lowered to become a case humidifier, or for use with a traditional guitar stand.


Clear enclosure is made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate,) a non-chlorinated vinyl. Mounting rod not included.


Designed and Assembled in the USA

Customer Feedback:
"I love it. It works great! ... I recommend this product to everyone who has a guitar." ​    - Vin D.


"music tent is working fine I think it's a great idea, such a simple design"   ​- Frank H.


"Nice product in my opinion. The manufacturer is very helpful and responsive. It costs about as much as two sound hole humidifiers (which do very little) and a hygrometer, and works much much much better. A simple but well organized solution for an important need. Thanks!"  - Gilbert L.  


"My ukuleles are all quite “happy.” My grandson is really impressed as am I. Love your product, and the service."   - Chuck C.

Musik Tent™ Instrument Humidors - Hanging

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Musik Tent
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