Hanging Musik Tent humidifies 2 guitars or cases, and has a wire framed enclosure that makes them attractive for displaying instruments. Orders include clear PEVA enclosure, reservoir with mounting s-hook, 2 filaments, analog hygrometer with mounting s-hook, and 2 instrument leather hangers with mounting S-hooks. An optional wireless hygrometer and thermometer may be connected with a mobile device via Bluetooth. See details below.

Please see review at https://guitarlessons365.com/musik-tent-instrument-humidor-review/​



​15" w x 20" d x 54" h - 2-Guitar

15" x 20" x 42" h - Mandolin & Ukulele


May be mounted to wall and lowered to become a case humidifier or for use with a traditional floor stand.


Clear enclosure is made from PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate,) a non-chlorinated vinyl. Mounting rod not included.


14 day limited warranty.


Designed and Assembled in the USA


Wireless Hygrometer & Thermometer Option

  • Smart App Control: Easily monitor temperature and humidity in real-time on the app. 262ft connecting distance (no obstacles) allows you to quickly get data remotely from anywhere in your home. (Not WiFi Version)
  • Accuracy: With a built-in Swiss-made sensor, the temperature is accurate to ±0.54°F and humidity is ±3%RH. Enjoy precise data from the hygrometer thermometer every 2 seconds.
  • Data Storage & Export: Featuring 20-day on-board data storage, you can get recent temp & humidity records through curve graph. Press "Export Data as CSV" on the app to export the last 2 years data to your phone.
  • Mini Compact Size: With smaller & compact design, this space-saving device is lightweight and portable. And you can place it at multiple locations by the hanging hole.
  • Prompt Alert Notification: Set preset temp and humidity ranges with the Govee Home App, and if levels fall out of that range, you'll receive a notification instantly.

Customer Feedback:
"I want to say how very happy I have been with the Jumbo Musik Tent. I live in the mountains above Los Angeles at the 6,300 foot level and the humidity here is rarely above 20% and is often in the 12 to 15 percent range. My guitars would certainly suffer significant damage if left out in this very dry air. The Musik Tent humidifying system has worked flawlessly from the beginning, maintaining the humidity level in the 45% range. Thank you for such a great product!" -Michael L.


"These are great inventions and have made a huge difference! My guitar necks don't warp anymore. Oh, by the way, with the addition of these latest three I will now have seven of them!" -Andrew B.


"I love it. It works great! ... I recommend this product to everyone who has a guitar." ​    - Vin D.


"music tent is working fine I think it's a great idea, such a simple design"   ​- Frank H.


"Nice product in my opinion. The manufacturer is very helpful and responsive. It costs about as much as two sound hole humidifiers (which do very little) and a hygrometer, and works much much much better. A simple but well organized solution for an important need. Thanks!"  - Gilbert L.  


"My ukuleles are all quite “happy.” My grandson is really impressed as am I. Love your product, and the service."   - Chuck C.

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