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HumiForm™ is patented and includes a reservoir, filament that draws water from the reservoir, and copper stanchion and tee to position the looped filament ends above cigars. The looped ends, which resemble a bolo tie, emit water vapor into the surrounding humidor in the 70% relative humidity range. The moisture level is controlled by the amount of exposed filament, and takes seconds to adjust.  


14 day limited warranty.

​Designed and Assembled in the USA



  • All Natural - Chemical Free
  • Maintains Uniform Moisture Inside Your Humidor in the 70% Relative Humidity Range
  • Easy-Fill Reusable Reservoir
  • Stanchion and Tee are Made of Copper, a Natural Mold Inhibitor
  • Available in Three Sizes with Height Adjustable to Fit Most Humidors
  • Low Maintenance - Estimated Refill Frequency for Standard Size Reservoirs is 6 to 9 Months, or 3 to 6 Months for Mini's
  • Reduced Cost of Ownership Compared to Pouches
  • Seasons Humidors in about 3 to 5 days    
  • Infuse Cigars with your Favorite Cognac, Brandy, Whiskey or Other
  • Humidity Level is Quickly and Easily Adjustable, Eliminating Constant Recharging and Expense of Traditional Humidifiers


Sizes Available

Mini is for 50 sticks with 0.9 cup reservoir measuring 3”l x 3”w x 1.75”h, and stanchion/tee height adjustable from 3.25” to 4.5.” Estimated 3 to 4 months between refills.


50 V is for 50 sticks with 2.5 cup reservoir measuring 6”l x 3”w x 2.1”h, and stanchion/tee height adjustable from 3.5” to 5.” Estimated 6 to 9 months between refills. 


100 V is for 100 sticks with 2.5 cup reservoir measuring 6”l x 3”w x 2.1”h, and stanchion/tee height adjustable from 5” to 6.5.” Estimated 6 and 9 months between refills.


International Customers are responsible for any Duties, Taxes and Related Fees associated with shipping to their country. No refunds for international shipments. Please contact us directly at if you have any questions.



  • In the event that we have not achieved our usual standard of excellence, we will repair or replace, at our discretion, within the warranty period. Should a warranty claim be needed, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased the product. Proof of purchase, photographs and any other information needed to validate your claim may be necessary to distinguish between a partial or complete replacement of a defective product. Warranty covers only the individual component of the unit/item that may be defective. This warranty is void if the product has been damaged by accident, misuse, negligence, improper installation and/or modifications have occurred. This warranty also does not cover any additional charges or installation, removal, disposal and/or shipping costs or consequential damage associated with any warranty claim.

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