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ScentiForm™ Aroma Diffuser Filaments
Alternative for Diffuser Reeds

Made in USA

ScentiForm™ Aroma Diffuser Filaments - a direct and improved replacement for diffuser reeds

and an attractive alternative to plugins, sprays and scented candles.


The open ends of a filament are inserted into your scented liquid inside a bottle. The liquid is drawn up the filament to the exposed looped ends where aroma is emitted. The amount of aroma can be controlled by increasing or reducing the amount of exposed filament loops, or by adding more filaments. ​

Made in USA 

Shown are some examples for configuring ScentiForm. One or more filaments may be looped or twisted. To create the strongest aroma, we advise using 100% strength fragrances, such as rose, lavender, cinnamon and peppermint essential oils in a multiple bottle configuration. By filling one bottle with liquid and placing it elevated to a second bottle, liquid will flow from the upper to the lower bottle through the filament, emitting more aroma. When the lower bottle fills, simply move to the upper position. How often the bottle position is swapped depends on the liquid type selected, its properties, the volume of the bottle, and the number of filaments. In one configuration below, there are glass wall hangers intended for displaying flowers. These work great and hold more than 12 ounces of liquid that may take 2 to 4 weeks to transfer from one bottle to the other, and may last a year or more. Explore your own creativity.

Orders do not include bottle, scented liquids or funnel

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